KeyManager tracker board staff release peg with bobble end
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KeyManager tracker board access/release pegs with bobble end (price displayed is for 5 pegs) bobbled ended access pegs are for use with KeyManager tracker boards and some alternative types of Keytracker tracker boards please see the photograph for reference if you are unsure, these have a bobble on the tip of the peg. Used in the same way as the standard access/release pegs - issued to staff members to unlock the key/ key bunch required from the KeyManager tracker board; the peg is inserted into the key position port hole on the right hand side, turned anti-clockwise to unlock the complete key bunch and key retaining peg, the access peg will then be locked into the board and cant be removed until the key retaining peg is returned and locked back in by turning the key access peg clock wise. Ideally engraved with staff members initials for quick and easy reference however we can engrave the end with any combination either alpha or numeric up to a maximum of 3 digits (4 if the digits are slim ones e.g. 11JF). 

Each staff member who needs access to the keys would have just the one peg, this maximises the management and control however we do realise that this is not always practical and multiple access pegs will need to be issued. Colours available: yellow, purple, white, red, green, dark blue, light blue, lilac, orange, mint, silver, brown, lime, pink, black, green. 

The pegs are often referred to as plugs, pins, posts, tags, sticks and keytags. Please email the details you wish to have etched on the end of the peg or if to be left blank confirm that too. 

Please note:  for security reasons, we are not permitted to send release/access pegs to a residential/home address. The delivery address has to be the address where the tracker board is being used or a commercial business address.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

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